by FR

The FR SL FREERIDE brings freeride skating into a new era! Experience a new level of comfort with integrated INTUITION lining. Skate with speed & agility with the 90/80 freeride frame. Feel superior rolling balance with metal core wheels.

  • Self-molding integrated Intuition lining (inner boot & tongue)
  • Carbon fiber shell
  • 2 micrometric buckles + toe strap + laces
  • 2x 5 holes mounting plates (165 mounting distance)
  • FR Freeride frames (90/80/80/90mm wheels, 253mm, flat, low center of gravity)
  • FR Metal wheels, aluminum hub, 85A.
  • TWINCAM MW9 bearings

The self-molding intuition high-density foam will immediately offer a great fit. An easy extra heat molding on the whole foot, or around a specific area can also be done, if required.