The PR (Progressive Rocker) frames are an evolution of our NR (Natural Rocker) frames. Using 5 smaller wheels, the PR frames are designed for a more artistic skating style and skill development on smooth surfaces. Whereas the NR frames (4 larger wheels) work better for versatile skating on all surfaces.

  • Progressive Rocker Geometry
  • 5x80mm Max wheel size
  • 81mm Effective contact
  • 324mm Frame base
  • UFS mounting
  • Made in Canada

Recommended frame length based on boot size:

Progressive Rocker frames are available in two different sizes (PR76 and PR80), to help optimize the skater's experience based on their foot size.....

Boot size 22-27.5cm (36-42 shell) - PR76 Frame
Boot size 28-32cm (43-47 shell) - PR80 Frame

The Wizard frames are designed specifically for UFS style boots (flat base) to offer the lowest ride hight and optimal control over the larger wheels and longer frames.